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Teacher Eulalia graduated with a Masters Degree in Foreign Language Teaching at the Complutense University, Madrid. She has taught in Cambridge, England and also in China, thus has accumulated an extremely rich teaching experience.

She is an officially registered DELE examiner at the Institute Cervantes, having participated in A1-C2 level tests, and has successfully helped hundreds of students through the demanding Spanish placement exam, with a great  results.

Eulalia is at the same time a kind and responsible person dedicated to her work. She is convinced that  understanding how students learn, following the common framework for languages and using reliable communication methods, you can focus on and develop an appropriate education facing shortages, fears and weaknesses that slow down the learning for the majority of the students. According to her experience, the teaching must be able to approach the student by personalizing and building the knowledge, providing confidence and hope.

Eulalia Gervás Pabón 

Directora de Élite Lenguas

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